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Rental Agreement

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Rental Agreement


RENTER acknowledges that, prior to taking possession of the equipment herein described, the equipment is in good
playing condition and in good repair. RENTER assumes full responsibility for all rented equipment.

PROTECTION PLAN (Insurance on the Rental Account) includes Accidental Damage, Fire, Theft coverage on the
Instrument, Bow, and Case—including Strings! Rental accounts must be up-to-date, otherwise, the Protection Plan is not
in effect.

Rental Payment Options
VISA/MASTERCARD PAYMENT – Monthly Rental Fees will be automatically deducted from an

authorized credit card account by the 5th of each month. This process will continue for the duration of the
rental of the instrument or until notification is received from the customer to discontinue payments. A rental
may be terminated at any time. The instrument, however, must be returned to the shop before rental will cease.
The instrument may be purchased at any time during the rental by notifying the shop and requesting calculation
of the payoff balance which will include earned rental credit.
10-MONTH CASH DEPOSIT AT TIME OF RENTAL — If you do not want to provide a Visa or MasterCard At the time of instrument rental, a 10-Month
Cash Deposit will be required. The monthly rental fee will be automatically deducted from this deposit by the
5th of each month. Customers will be notified in advance of the depletion of the deposit account and at this
time, an additional cash deposit will be required if the rental is to continue. The balance of the account may be
paid in full at anytime during the rental by notifying the shop and requesting calculation of the payoff balance
which will include earned rental credit. A rental may be terminated at anytime. The instrument, however, must
be returned to the shop before rental charges will cease. If funds remain in the deposit account when a rental
account is closed, a refund will be issued at the time the instrument is returned..


Accounts that accumulate an overdue balance will be subject to a LATE CHARGE of 1.5% of the amount due or
$2.00, whichever is greater, if payments are not received within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Maintenance and
replacement protection will be suspended until the charges are paid in full.

RENTER will accrue a discount toward the purchase of this or another larger or more expensive instrument equal to
100% of the monthly Basic Rental Fee, which excludes Protection Plan and Sales Tax, paid on this Rental Agreement
for the first ten (10) months. Additional discount for Basic Rental Fee payments made subsequent to the first ten (10)
months will be accrued at 80%, provided the maximum credit allowed toward any instrument, case and bow purchase
may not exceed 80% of the purchase price of that instrument, case and bow. Discounts towards purchase must be
applied within 10 days of termination of this contract. Discounts are not held for future application.

Should the residence address/telephone number at which the rented equipment is kept change from that listed on this
contract, the RENTER agrees to provide CADENZA VIOLINS with the update information within 10 days.

RENTER MAY CANCEL this contract at any time, provided that all charges are paid in full, by returning the
instrument, bow, and/or case to CADENZA VIOLINS.

INSTRUMENT, CASE AND BOW are the property of CADENZA VIOLINS. RENTER is in default if payment
is not made on time or if the terms of the RENTAL CONTRACT are violated. Under default RENTER grants to
CADENZA VIOLINS the right, without advance notice, to recover the instrument, case, and/or bow at any place, any
time, by any legal means, for nonpayment of charges. In addition, the RENTER will be liable for reasonable collection
and attorney’s fees if this RENTAL CONTRACT is referred to a collection agent or attorney who is not a salaried
employee of CADENZA VIOLINS and court costs.

A signed RENTAL CONTRACT will authorize the School System your child attends during the duration of this
contract to provide my current address to CADENZA VIOLINS upon request. A signed RENTAL CONTRACT will
also authorize CADENZA VIOLINS to pick up the instrument, case and bow (serial number and description as listed
on rental form), at my child’s school at any time the RENTAL CONTRACT is violated.

PLEASE NOTE: RENTER is asked to contact the shop regarding any change of account information.
RENTER is encouraged to phone the shop for questions relating to the rental account such as: upgrading of size
and/or quality of instrument, accumulation of rental credit, payoff balance, etc.

Trade In Policy

Any instrument, case*, and/or bow purchased from Cadenza Violins will be

accepted in partial trade toward the purchase price of a larger or more expensive
instrument, bow and case selected from the inventory of Cadenza Violins. The
Trade Value, guaranteed for two years, will be the original purchase price less
$100.00. The owner must maintain the instrument, bow, and/or case in excellent
playing condition. The owner will be responsible for any repairs necessary to
restore the instrument, bow, and/or case to saleable condition. Repair charges
will be made according to rates in effect at the time of repair. The Owner will not
be charged for the normal deterioration of strings and bow hair. Trade value for
instrument outfits is guaranteed for two years.

Although not guaranteed, it has been the usual practice to extend the trade value
indefinitely for well-maintained instruments (case and bow not included).

The Trade Value of a Bow (only, not included with a instrument trade) purchased
from Cadenza Violins will be the original purchase price less $45.00.
Cadenza Violin does not accept case only trades. Cadenza Violin reserves the
right to refuse to accept for trade any instrument, bow, and/or case that has been
subjected to abuse, damage exceeding the value of the instrument, or repair by
unauthorized person(s).

*Please Note: We cannot accept for trade cases that have been permanently
marked with names or for any reason that makes the case unsuitable for resale.

Store Policy

Payment Plans for Instrument Purchases

First time customers choosing to make an outfit purchase can take a 10%
cash discount. Rental customers may utilize their rental credit for up to 80%
of the purchase price of any outfit. All prices featured in our shop realistic
selling prices, not “list prices”. In addition to this, all eligible customers may
choose to finance the outfit of their choice with 4 payments in 4 months or
less, interest-free.

Protection Plan
Cadenza violin’s Instrument Protection Plan is included in the price of
every rental. We will maintain your instrument, bow, and case in excellent
playing condition. Our Protection Plan includes free string replacement, as
well as replacement or repair for accidental damage, theft, fire, or flood.

Limited Warranty
Stringed Instruments, new or used, and repairs are guaranteed to be free
of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of ONE YEAR from
date of delivery with the following exceptions and conditions as listed

1. Bow wedges, Knots, and camber are guaranteed to be secure and correct for
as long as the bow retains its full hank of hair but no longer than six months.
2. This warranty is issued to the original purchaser and is not transferable.
3. Weili Su, owner of Cadenza Violin and head of violin workshop, or
his designee, is the sole judge of the applicability of any provision of
this warranty. Abuse, accidental damage, normal depreciation, or repair
by unauthorized person(s) may void any or all of the provisions of this
warranty. Our liability for defects in materials or workmanship is limited
to the correction of those defects. There is no liability for consequential
damages. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay any shipping charges if

Return Policy

Instruments purchased may be returned for the full price paid in the first
30 days. After 30 days, the instrument can be accepted for trade-in, in
accordance to Cadenza Violins Shop’s Trade-In Policy. Unopened and
unused accessories, instrument cases, books, and CDs will be accepted
for a full refund in the first 30 days.

Trade-In Policy
Any instrument outfit purchased from Cadenza violins will be accepted
for trade in towards the purchase price of a larger or more expensive
instrument, bow, and case selected from the inventory of Cadenza Violins

Returning a Rental

Cadenza Violins’s rental program is month to month, so you may return
your rental at any time. Please call us to request return authorization if
you wish to have the instrument picked up at a school our shop regularly
services. You may also return the instrument to either one of our shops.
Violins and violas can be shipped via UPS, FedEx, or USPS-please
call us for additional information regarding packaging and insurance.
Upon receiving your instrument, any balance due is immediately
payable. If your instrument is returned before the 10th of the month, the
balance for the month will be removed. Any rental credit accumulated
towards purchase will be forfeited 10 days after the rental has been
terminated if a purchase option is not elected.

Please Note that you will need to call us for authorization prior to any
returns or exchanges. Failure to do so may result in your account not
being credited for your return.

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