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Top 5 Violin Videos on YouTube

5 of the best videos on youtube to show the versatility of the violin, I included a electric violin player to show what some artist can do with the violin and i also included some well known classical players, and a 7 year old violinist. Below is some beautiful and remarkable music.


A very beautiful violin piece, The violin player (i do not know his name) has a very interesting Vabrato, this is a very hard piece to play and he plays it very well and with passion and control. He has  very good bow technique too and control. It is simply a beautiful piece.

Bruch violin Concerto 1st-2nd mvt

Played by Sarah Chang is another beautiful piece and she plays with great control and heart she makes every note seem easy and flawless. beautiful Vabrado she makes the violin almost seem as it is weeping at certain times and at others Sing with such warmth she is a very talented player and musician.


Bryson Andres “SECRETS”

this is a very creative piece, and i imagine would take a lot of practice and control to be able to work the foot pedal in middle of your playing, play and record a certain part and allow it to continue on while you add another piece to the music very imaginative and creative, a talented player and unique artist.


Brianna Kahane Performs “Csardas”

she is a seven year old violinist, it is amazing how well she plays at her age, its a beautiful piece of music and show of talent, Violin players often start as young as 2 and 1/2 years old!


Itzhak Perlman Vivaldi The Four Seasons Spring

Itzhak Perman is one of the most famous violinist’s in the world, He is a master at his art, he has played on many occasion’s at the White House and is considered on of the top players in the world.

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