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Top 5 Reasons To Play a Musical Instrument.

There are many benefits and rewards  that come from playing a musical instrument, not only for children but for adults as well. some of the Greatest thinkers of recent time played a musical instrument, Albert Einstein played the violin, and often said when he would come upon a mathematical or theoretical problem that he could not find the answer to he would play a Mozart sonata to clear his mind and would often come up with the solution afterwards, another genius or rather a comedic genius who played violin was Charlie Chaplin. and many others but that is a different story, Below are 10 reason why you no matter the age you should play a musical instrument, and encourage your child to play as well…..

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1 Improves Memory

Studies show learning to play a musical instrument or learning how to sing, improves your brains  memory and problem solving abilities. Taking music lesson boosts creative thinking and improves you ability to work through puzzles and form mental images, its just like learning a new language in and of itself. Students who play a musical instrument perform higher on test’s and on average have better grades, then do students who do not play any musical instrument.

Musical instruments

 2 Teaches Patience

It takes allot of practice and patience to learn a musical instrument, many hours of repetition and correction, and after so much practice when you are finally able to play a piece of music you’ve be working on so hard  the sense of accomplishment and joy you feel will make you practice all the more. even if you don’t take lessons learning by yourself you soon find out you cannot get frustrated or angry or it appears in your playing and you can hear it, it teaches you to calm your emotions and to control them when necessary to fit the music, if you play with anger in your mind it will show in your music, likewise if you play with sadness in your heart it with manifest itself in your music, Many professional musician’s as the play you can see the emotion on their face’s as well as hear it in their music.


3 Helps Coordination

Because playing a musical instrument involves so many different function’s, they require and teach great hand to eye coordination, and help to work different muscles in your hands, mouth, throat, arms, legs,back and fingers, many doctors suggest to their patients to take up a musical instrument to help with rehabilitation or certain muscle pain. Learning a musical instrument involves involves many muscles and positions of your hand’s and different movements, in some ways it is like learning a new dance.

Musical notes

4 Build Confidence

Learning a piece of music and putting so much practice and thought into it and then finally being able to play it brings such a feeling of accomplishment and joy, and encourages young children to share what they have learned and play for others, and when they play for other’s they  feel a even greater sense of accomplishment so next time they want to learn even more and harder music so they can share with their friends, when you are playing music you don’t think about being cool enough or accepted they are just enjoying the music and attention it brings them, playing a musical instrument encourages social skills and build’s a sense of community among all age group’s.

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5 It Is Rewarding

Playing a musical instrument is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic practices known, it not only clears your mind and helps you concentrate and think more clearly, but it also can improve your mood, when you play music tensions and bad energy just seem’s to melt away as you lose yourself in the notes and rhythms of the music. Playing music  improves thinking and motor skills, when reading music you have to see it then transfer what you see (Music notes) to your hands it becomes instant. Playing music improves your reading skills as well like i said before its like learning a new language and as you learn what each dot on the staff means and different tempo’s and symbols it helps to improve your reading all around. There are to many reasons to encourage your child or yourself to play a musical instrument  it is one of the most rewarding and beneficial practices you can do. Music is universal everywhere you go on this planet there is some kind of music, whether in cities, rural area’s, largely populated communities or sparsely populated villages, from forest’s to deserts to floating communities music is everywhere. Plus playing music is just so fun and enjoyable what better reason then that?…

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