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Renting vs Purchasing

ViolinHere at Cadenza Violins we are often asked this question, “What is a better option Rental or Purchase?” Our answer is always….If you are a new student and just trying an instrument out for first time we recommend that you rent for at least a few months to make sure your child likes that particular instrument.  If the student likes the instrument then you can make a decision if you want to purchase or keep doing the “Rent To Own” program.

Benefits of the rent to own program include maintenance plan and insurance.  If you break a string or drop your instrument (Please don’t) you don’t have to pay a thing. You just bring it to us and we repair or replace as needed. If you need to upgrade to a larger size then just bring it in, rental stays the same and you continue with all the same great benefits. When you are ready to make that purchase you can apply your rental credit to a better Instrument if you so felt inclined. Renting also removes the worry form your mind…”What if my child drops it”…”What if instrument is Stolen?” With our “Rent To Own” program you do not have to worry when this happens to your violin…

Broken Scroll

The protection plan is included in every rental at no extra cost. Bring it in to us we will either repair or replace it and your on your way to making more music.

Purchasing an instrument is also a good investment.  An instrument can last many lifetimes and can be handed down from generation to generation. You also have a wider selection of instruments to choose from.  If you purchased a smaller instrument and wanted to upgrade to a bigger size, you can trade in the smaller instrument and just pay the difference for the larger size (Usually $50-$100). both options are good but depend on the Player, the size of the instrument and of course your budget. Purchasing an instrument also imparts a sense of responsibility to the student and gives them something to be proud of and take care of. Choosing an instrument is very personal.  Everyone has a different expectation as to what that particular instrument should sound like.  When choosing don’t be afraid or shy just take your time.

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