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Suzuki Method

Cadenza Violins carries all the Suzuki Method books for violin, viola, and cello. To help further assist students using these books, we also sell the accompanying piano parts and CDs.

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Suzuki Violin Books 1-10 Suzuki Viola Books 1-8 Suzuki Cello Books 1-10 Suzuki Violin CDs 1-8 Suzuki Viola CDs 1-8 Suzuki Cello CDs 1-8





















The Suzuki Method was created by a Japanese violinist named Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki’s belief was that all people are capable of learning from their surroundings. His biggest desire was to create the most suitable environment for students to learn music in. Suzuki’s students started at a very young age, some as young as 2 years old. He created these books in hopes to share his teaching philosophy with the world.


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